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BICC-study on conflicts in refugee shelter \Results available in eight languages

The BICC-study "’All Day Waiting’ – Conflicts in refugee shelters in NRW" examines the question of which conflicts there are in shelters and how they can be avoided in future. Based on the findings, the BICC-researchers developed recommendations for improved co-habitation that are now available in German, English, French, Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi, Dari and Tigrinya.

For this study, the authors Simone Christ, Esther Meininghaus and Tim Röing visited 33 shelters in North Rhine-Westphalia and talked with more than 220 individuals, amongst them residents, personnel, security firms, cleaning staff, municipality staff and members of advisory organizations.
The recommendations for action for more peaceful living conditions are available in the following languages:

Summary of policy recommendations for refugees in NRW